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For years its been a continuous source of worry. At some point I need to sort out my religious beliefs, I need to 'make a stand' one way or another. I dont mean classify myself into a particular religious category but just figure out what my beliefs are. My mother has very firm faith and conviction in her religious beliefs and I was raised never questioning these, the existence of God was non negotiable. Now I wonder and then there's worry at wondering and worry at not being firm about where I stand.

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Suppose Jesus of Nazareth was teaching, and a man came and told him, “What you teach is beautiful. I believe that it is the way to perfection, and I am ready to follow it; but I do not want to worship you as the only begotten Son of God.” What would be the answer of Jesus of Nazareth? <br />
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“Very well, brother, follow the ideal and advance in your own way. I do not care whether you give me the credit for the teaching or not... I only teach truth, and truth is nobody’s property, nobody’s patent truth. Truth is God Himself. Go forward. But what the disciples say nowadays is, “No matter whether you practise the teachings or not, do you give credit to the Man? If you credit the Master, you will be saved; if not there is no salvation for you.<br />
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~ Swami Vivekananda<br />
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You're not helping.

Helping in doing what?

Not helping to sort this person's issue out. You're just preaching. On every post about this topic. It doesn't help those of us that are struggling. That's just the honest truth.

No one can help anyone, madam. That is the bare truth...

Those are the words of a perfected soul...and if anyone can benefit and try to learn, it is to their own credit ,not another's...

I'm no that the authority is vested in Self-realised men....

I just learn.....

"No one can help anyone"

That's not true.

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I know what its like to not have a "safe" place to land, To fall without knowing the ground below. <br />
Maybe its Gods way of saying "lean on me, ill catch you as you fall." Being confused is not easy, its scary at times. Id question everything, Life, death even the small things. You are a traveler and on your start of a beautiful trip to finding yourself. Please remember that their is always a light at the end, even if you dont believe, God is always there with you guiding you to happyness.<br />
God bless.

WLYD, if you seriously want a TRUE FRIEND,since that seems to be all i'm good for.I believe i might be able to help answer some of your ???.At the same time,I really love helping people.There is no cure for my proplems.I relised that some time ago.The heart that I broke can never be fixed.When i've had enough i'll know when that is.SO i'm not looking for anything else but a FRIENDSHIP.IF your looking for more ,I probable can'y help you.<br />

I would like youe e-mail so as to just talk if your realy bothererd by what you have said.<br />

If it harms none, do what you want.

It is good that you are questioning, nothing wrong with that, it's very healthy. <br />
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I don't believe you have to be a part of any religion, to believe, or come to know and love the Creator. Religion is man made, executed through man for the sake of power, control and greed.<br />
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Learn to "be" and HE will guide you.

Everybody's different.<br />
What works for some, doesn't work for others.<br />
Decide what's important to you.<br />
Even if you do nothing more than make an effort to practice the Golden Rule, you can't go wrong.