I've been raised a muslim since I was young. I deeply respect the religion and have no problems with it whatsoever. I just don't feel as though religion is for me sometimes. The older I get, and the more I think about it, I question more and more whether there is a God or not. When my older brother told my dad he was going to become an Atheist it caused a big commotion and made me think even more about whether religion is for me. You could say I have daddy issues with dad always forced surahs and quotes from the qur'an upon us. I really coudln't stand it and I may have gained some reluctance to religion because of that. Religion just always forces a blank on me nowadays.
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I get you. I was raised a Christian and my grandmother used Christianity as a way to damn others. Seeing this made me question a lot. I came to the conclusion that I believe in god but I can't conform to one church or religion. I believe whatever religion you are, you should feel love when you think of god. You have to ask yourself who YOU think god is. Ignore all the rules and search for your answer.

I understand you totally because i used to experience the same things as you are experiencing now. Islamism ideology is one of the most agressive beliefs that has been somehow institutalized and organised killing many people as the christian belief used to that.
The yelding after god is maybe within our soul but we have search for god not by means of traditional systems of beliefs that are seperating the people causing fight and antagonism between diffrent system of beliefs. Look at isarel an pelestine! The fantics characters of the both religions are kliing each other making the earth to a hell for the people that do not believe in any system of belief but only in love, in tolerance, in coexistence, in the unity of the human being, in the goodness and lovingkindness.
The religions are made by the intellect of some dominating ill characters who want dominate people by means of religionsim or nationalism or another systems of ideology to say another "-isms" beeing kept by the fanatic charactions of of the ill fanatic characters who do not like to use his own intelligence to understad the things. We have to negiate all the "-isms" such as commusim, islamism, christianism, judaism, fascism, existencialism and all of another isms using our own intelligence to search and to understand every thing not siding with any religion or nation. This will gradualy end the domination of the dominatig charactes upon, at least just for ourself as an individium.
If you travell to Afganistan or Iran, you will see the evil of the islamism.
To find some help about goodness, lovingkindness etc. which are very necessery to form a nice life story for ourselves and for others please read from the Rumi a mystic poet of Islam.