I was raised southern Baptist, fir and brimstone. After the death of my father I feel empty, unsure turned away from it all and have been leading a very crazy lifestyle now . I mean heck I do things on here I used to think were terrible. Exhibitionism, voyuerism , sex and drugs. I just don't know anymore
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I think it would be wise for all Christians to think about their loved ones dieing before it happens. Deal with the reality of death before it strikes so that when it does you only have to deal with the mourning and you don't suffer the damage to your faith that many people seem to experience. The loss of a loved one hurts badly. But we are all going to experience the loss of loved ones in our lives. There is no escaping it. Unless you are the first person you know to die.

In Life, Sometimes there are losses... But it's up to you to remain strong.... Don't loss hope.. Remember "Life is a journey!".

Thank you, I am trying to turn it around its just hard

I feel sorry for you... But I know you are strong.. Strong enough to handle your problem.. God give us problem for us to be strong.. I know God give gives you problem because He knows you are strong enough to handle it..

You know what when I feel depressed.. I just look into the sky and share all the things that's what's on my mind.. I know God is listening...
And also Smile everyday...

Thank you, I will try

I understand. It seems like you honestly believed and gave your heart to something that simply doesn't play out in the end. I used to be a christian but turned away from it when I started to question things and I realized that I wasn't to blame since I didn't ask to exist, didn't make my mind, body, or the world, or choose the options set in front of me that I have to choose from... We are not to blame. We are each different with out own preferences, desires, and ways... no one is objectively better or worse. We seek outlets to numb our pain... but hang in there and stay strong. Thank you for opening up and sharing your thoughts with us.

Thank you for your response, I feel like such a bad person sometimes, maybe all these crazy things I have been doing is just my way of rebelling against the god who has let me down. Maybe I have been a bad person all along. Who knows the world might be better off without someone like me

No, there is nothing wrong with you. We are all different, why should everyone be like whoever is randomly lifted on a pedestal? If we are only loved for our function or for how pleasing we are to other people, then is there anyone who actually loves 'us' or what we can do to benefit and please them? Don't burden yourself thinking that you are inferior to anyone or anything. You are you. And there is nothing wrong with who you are. People always have standards, and they will always try to make us feel down, but that is because they have nothing else to do for entertainment. This world NEEDS people like you, to truly express themselves and be honest about how they really feel behind the facade, appearances, masks, and outlets we hide behind.

Wow, you really have a way about you. Your words are uplifting and made me feel somewhat better about me. Thank you so much

Thanks for the gift, tried to send you one in return , but it won't let me cause we aren't friends. But know I tried and am grateful for your kindness

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