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I'm currently a sophomore in college and I'm majoring in English with a minor in philosophy, possibly a minor in ASL, and a minor in religious studies. Due to my minor, I get to study many religions and their beliefs.
I grew up a Christian. I was a Christian for 15 years until my mother passed away. When she left, I became angry at God and left that religion far behind. My cousin introduced me to WICCA. I have looked into that religion extensively.
But I'm unsure of what I believe. I believe there is a higher power... It's hard for me to accept that we just are.
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How does one live two lifestyles that contradict each other?

Just in general. If someone wants to, go ahead, but to me... I just don't see how it could work

I believe you can't be in two religions at one time. Sure, some aspects are shared, but there is a lot of conflicting beliefs.

I was just angry at God, but I didn't fall away until after I was introduced to WICCA.
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Looking back why maitian your anger at God when you know all people die sooner or later?

I read this a lot from many different people, they say their faith in God died when someone they loved died. I can understand why someone's grief could cause them to blaim God and be angery for a short time. But i cannot understand someone falling away from belief because of a death of a loved one.

It seems to me that people like this would fall away from any religion no matter what it was.