Greed&wealth Corrupts All.

ive always wanted to have a 'normal' family. a family where we'd all hang out together, and just have fun.
I dont remember the last time I spent time with my mum or dad. all I ever wanted was for them to do the ordinary things that other parents do..such as holding my hand at taking me to school on my first day. I guess I can't blame them. my dads a neurosurgeon, and mums a doctor. they both have demanding careers. for them, the definition of parental love is "money." for's not.
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I found a few families that treat me exactly like that. I've learned that sometimes families are those you create for yourself and not necessarily those you are born into.

Once again your story touches mi heart. :)

youre the biggest cutie patootie! it was fab seeing you the other day, looked stunning as usual. tell your rents ill come over again sometime next week. ps: phones disconnected atm, so i have limited ways and means of contacting you. then i remembered about this site lol. ill see you soon, night amiga xx

good seeing you too iqi. yeah ill let them know. make it quick though, just saying haha. ah damn, just get jasmines phone and message me for deets!
adios amigos xo

I've not been in you situation, but I still know how you feel. Like they're shoving money in your direction to keep you busy, yeah?
That'd you're tired of the "distractions" money has brought into your life and wish that they would look at you. Really look at you. Comment on the small things.
Believe me when I say this:

It's eating them up to not spend more time with you. They're probably the kind of parents that didn't have much when they were younger and swore that their chile end would have more. Try to look at it from both angles, my friend.

Yes it can hurt to feel like you're alone in a house full of people....but even on all that, you must keep your head up. Cherish what time you do spend. Be it a ride to the store, or a quick good morning.

It'll get better with time.

they both come from financially poor backgrounds. that is the reason why they moved to australia; just to give us the best opportunities that they missed out on. i completely understand where theyre coming from; and i probably would have done that for my children too.

With that being said, lighten up a bit.

I know it's hard raising parents, but still.(see what I did there? ;3)

So again I say, learn to cherish the small things. Patience is key.

i am patient. it frustrates me at times, but thats just the way it is.

Yeah that's true. I hope all goes well for you.

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Seems even having money can lead to misery, money can't buy happiness it can't buy love merely possessions that last no longer than a week of interest, I mean I was born without money and thinking about it I wouldn't have it any other way .. I mean I've learnt the weight that money holds but you've learnt something important too that you should never let money or work consume you and your better for it, I actually admire you for this your not showing off nor rubbing it in .... like my rich *** friends =-=

money definitely isn't everything. surely it's important. but ones life shouldn't revolve around it, especially at the expense of others. I just hope I have enough money to live a decent life; but not to the point where it's all I think about.

I gotta say you intrigue me more and more for me I wanna be happy rich or poor but having no money is hard I've lived like that and it's such a struggle obviously you've lived on the other side and acknowledge that too much is a bad thing but now when you live your own life you'll make time for things beyond money and I'd say that knowledge is priceless ^_^

i completely agree with you. many people that have been brought up in a similar way like myself, will never understand the value of money. these kids have been brought up in a way where they are given everything they ask for. they turn 18, go and get them a BMW. they've never worked a single day in their lives. worst of all, their arrogance ***** me up the wall. just because they have money, doesn't mean they can step all over other people. I started working from the age of 15, and now I know how hard it is to save up!

I admire you so much more haha if that's possible well most of my rich friends are more down to earth so you'd get along with them but they've never saved for anything and have never worked luxury holidays are the norm and possessions come and go ..... Life is more one big struggle which ever way you see it and the prize if you can reach it is happiness

very well said. im not saying that all rich people are up themselves, but majority of them are. i tend to find that middle class people are more genuine and easier to get along with. they're happy with what they have, and dont have the craving to keep obtaining more and more. happiness is most-definitely everything :)

Ahaha you have a damn good mind unlike most people whether rich or poor there's good people to find everywhere ... Plus if we judged based on that I'd never come near you in RL I'd be blinded by your sheer beautify and the glare off the bonnet of your BMW ... Jk
Happiness is that hardest thing to find sometimes I wonder if its just a myth and this place we call earth is truly just hell but then you have to be thankful when you meet someone and think the world isn't all that bad .... Hehe sorry about the bs philosophical ramblings I just blurt out crap when I feel I've met an intellectually adept person

LMAOOOOOO relax, i dont drive a bmw. youre such a funny one! i still need to discover what happiness is :( haha dont worry, atleast you have a philosophical side to you, i don't!

Lol I call it my inner *** not a philosophical side tbh .... Then again *looks back* I don't have much of an outer *** just more a line with a hole for functionality .... And yay I finally made you laugh I wasn't sure if you were the serious type orite now I can tell you I actually wanna be a comedian cause making people laugh makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside .... Ok that was bs its more cause I can't sing for **** so going on stage and pretending to be talented is close making jokes is enough right .... I'd assume I'd be the one direction of comedy without the gay undertone

im not that serious, trust me. comedian? well, i hope youre good at comedy..cause if youre not then you'll be in trouble. haha, please make sure i get a vip ticket for your shows in the future :D

I see there's an air of doubt fair maiden well I'll do a tour around Australia just for you I must prove my credentials I'm so lazy to actually take that comedian course though like I've done a couple of 5 min open skints learnt two things some people find me funny and glass bottles really ******* hurt lol

youve had a dose of the glass bottles? oh ****! how longs the comedian course? should really look into it though

6 weeks and I've had two glass bottles thrown at me drunken fan boy who was so drunk he thought I was a woman stood up told me what he'd do to me when I refused and made a joke bang a bottle on my *** and he collapsed ..... I think he found me sexy if that's any consolation though I'm not into men ... And I usually take any compliments I get the rareness being depressing and the second was jealous girl who proclaimed me to be her bf that was SCARY

thats nasty. lucky it was only your ***..least painful id assume lol. stop being so sexy then, and stop attracting the men! hahaha that is epic. i think everyones experienced the bf/gf part atleast once in their lives. not sure if youve had the best experience lmao, but dont let it put you off

Haha my gf/bf experience is scarce I have weird chicks that want to climb into my window and feed me soup or kill all my female friends liking me I was pretty scared of women for a bit haha .... Pshhhtttt I wish I was sexy and nooo that was hopefully the only guy I'll ever attract or person >_<
Lol the bottle was still painful one day you'll see my lack off *** all it did was hit a flat surface lol

all women arent weird! it might just be the people in england. youre a guy, dont complain about not having an ***. im the one that should be doing that lol.

O.o but what if like you as a woman like a man with a cute tusshy that you go to slap back there and find that the shelves empty? And oh wells I'm not an *** man actually I'm a if I can talk to her more than a day without wanting to shoot myself kind of man

i couldnt care less about an ***. people lose it all once they get old anyways. having an *** is defs not on the priority list.

Oh really well actually I've never met a woman whose wanted an *** man but I'd like to have all body parts actually there
So now I'm curious ma'am what do you like?

aussie girls would do anything for an ***. not sure if *** transplants exist or not lol..but if they did, then theyd do anything for one. its so stupid in my opinion. what do i like? thats a veryyy tough question. quiet frankly, im picky. but when it comes to the type of people, they just need to have an amazing personality. im not fussed about looks/wealth and all that. as long as we get along, then its fine. i hate two faced people. id rather have less friends, provided that theyre genuine. food? i LOVE absolutely everything. im a big foodie. im not big on social networking sites, i think theyre utterly stupid. facebook is a waste of time, and it just causes so much ****. lol ill stop now, otherwise ill keep rambling on and on.

Hehe no your ramblings make this app fun for me haha
Okay imma run to Australia lets see if you like my personality hehe .... I'm kidding I can't run for ****
Haha you seem absolutely awesome I hate fb too takes less then 10 seconds for someone to annoy me and Instagram is ludicrous my friend her 14 year old brother seems to think posing with a bj face is the way to go =_=
Aha and I think everyone hate 2 faced people I only have one but it's not much to look at >_<

your personality seems fine, and having one face is much better than having two! instagram? omg dont even get me started about that. the amount of crazy/lame **** people post up is so ridiculous. do you follow any sport?

Sport? As in watch umm only Football haha I used to play baseball, American football and all that when I was more active lol
I love football though and my team did have one of Australia's best Harry Kewell haha

see how good australians are?! lol jks. nah, im not really into sport. just soccer,i just go for man utd. :)

No Man U sheesh that could be a deal breaker I'm a Liverpool fan you lot have no chance now that Fergie is gone hehe ...., awww crap I find you even more awesome stop being so damn cool and impressive your too far away >_< haha

not another liverpool supporter. id even prefer arsenal over them. haha thankyou, not sure if you're serious?:P youre pretty cool too, defs one of the decent people that ive come across on this site!

No no no seriously arsenal fans have become the new Liverpool fans they're continuously becoming more deluded I love LFC it warms my heart when I hear you'll never walk alone I don't hate Man U but they need a lot of work to be done to the team
I'm deadly serious lol •^•
Ahaha that's good cause I always look for a way to talk to you cause you're awesome and I like talking to you haha •//////•

no way! i think you need to swap teams or something. liverpool just makes my blood boil. same goes same goes, you seem easy to get along with

No you should come to the real red side our squad is lush and we're playing some damn good football I love my team ma'am you shall accept them too hahaha
Mmmhmmm I'm easy to get along with when it's the right people I'm quite picky

impossible. im faithful to man u lol. also, how do you manage to reply back so quickly? its good to be picky to a certain extent i rekon. dont get used by other people.

I dunno maybe I'm a fast typer nah it's most likely cause its my day off and I'm doing nothing
You can support Man U just not loath LFC haha I just hated Fergie tbh
I'm picky in the respect that i want coherent conversations not text talk or dumb bs

does that mean i should **** talk if i want to **** you off? jks. day off, lucky you. i get one tomorrow, i think ill be spending my day sleeping in and catching up on homework. dont really have a life at the mo.

Nah I think your past the point where you could **** me off I'm really mellow and calm around those I like ..... sorry lol
Uni starts in October for me so I'm currently just working haha and gym and football today maybe video games ... I have no energy though Uni is gonna be a harsh wake up call
odd question I don't remember but did you even add me on this?

have you played grand theft auto 5? just released recently. its pretty mad. ****, you get long as holidays. get ready to hit those law books once youre back. um nah i didnt!

Lol thought not oh well
Ah I'm not a GTA fan sorry to disappoint you twice in one day lolol I'm still trying to finish DmC (devil may cry reboot) and Sleeping Dogs
Yah I've been off for 4 months gonna miss the lazing around lol

lmao, i think you happen to like everything that i don't like. dmc..who even plays that!

How dare you say that I'll watch you melt when I cosplay Dante next year ... Devil may cry is like a totally awesome game GTA is just mehh to me lol I prefer Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row haha maybe I don't like mainstream stuff
And it's good we get along even with our differences

my brother likes dmc, and it looks so crap!. never played sleeping dogs/saints row. i dont know much about video games, not my thing.

Haha then you cant really insult it *pokes* your not the type to judge by looks
Thing is you gotta realise I'm a huge mahooosive geek I'm not one of them popular types so I despise crowds and mainstream stuff

like supporting liverpool isnt too mainstream lol. ah yeah thats fair enough. most mainstream things are just a fad anyways. youre defs not a follower.

Bahaha pppppplease woman I live in London this is a den of Man U/Arsenal/Chelsea and the occasional Tottenham support (unsuprising cause I live in Tottenham used to live by Highbury where Arsenals old stadium was)
And yesh I'm more a black sheep then a follower

omfg. i need to come to london and slap every person that doesnt support man u. even chelsea is acceptable lol.

Can't tell if I'd be excited to see you or worried that I'd receive a slap can you really blame them you know people in Manchester mostly support Man City .... Man U are dull as **** and they're football is unattractive and lacks passion

dwdw, i wouldnt slap you. im sure you wouldve changed your mind about liverpool by then haha. HEY, dont insult them. i just think liverpool fans are so bloody arrogant, and have the worst attitude ever.

Ironically that's the same reason I hate Man U fans, but I honestly don't like Man U's style In honesty I hated LFC's until we got our new manager haha I'm not a typical fan I appreciate other teams

ill get around to appreciating them too. i don't even watch all the matches.

Pshhhttt ...... al-right me neither half the time I can barely watch a match if you ever come over I'll take you to a game it's much more interesting that way

live games have a completely different atmosphere, and the crowd is insane. sounds like a deal then :)

Good good Man U v LFC but we'll be on the LFC side so you'll have to wear the LFC shirt ......... actually that might be a little too much for me to take in -blushes- haha
Maybe Arsenal v Man U that's always a good match

PUHLEASE, id rather wear my pjs to the match. as for you mr,youre supposed to sit with me on the man u side regardless of who theyre playing against. i hope you wouldnt leave your lovely guest all alone in the crowd lol.

Hmm I would never leave you ............... *ahem* If you visited London :P
Ughh I refuse to wear the Man U shirt though haha that's a step too far but I'll cheer for your team since my wonderful guest is so lovely

cheering is good enough. see, that wasnt too hard!

Blah don't like Man U *pouts*
If I do that we'd have to go somewhere I want >_< Like a theme park or a movie (No romance can't stand that stuff even if I'm with a .... lovely guest) basically something that would get rid of the bad after taste of cheering for Man u

i love theme parks, id settle for that option. out of curiosity, does london even have decent theme parks? i know you love man u on the inside, youre just in denial atm.

Not London per se, we have 3/4 major theme parks all of which I'd take you to well actually Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are the best two theres also Drayton Manor and Chessington and the absolute trash called Lego Land but the first two are really good
Ahaha I'd accept them for you but there's no love here for Man U

give it time, and the love for them will grow! ah thats pretty impressive. australias theme parks are crap, and they dont even compare to the american ones.

Tower of Terror is supposed to be good roller-coaster in Australia out ones are all right but america's ones are the best and plus they have Disney Land >_< I wanna go

i wont lie, i almost died on the tower of terror lol. im the worst person when it comes to roller-coasters. ill scream my lungs out, and it annoys the living daylights out of people. but that just makes it fun.

Haha I'd find that unbelievably cute haha I love the adrenaline rush I so wanna do extreme sports looks so epic
I really don't like the girls that refuse to go on rides its so much fun

are you an adrenaline junkie? ever been sky-diving? if not, i highly recommend it. its terrifying, but worth every bit of it.

Pretty much an adrenaline junkie I'm gonna start doing some extreme sports after this year, me and a mate are planning to go to a Tibetan temple and seeing if they'd train us lol doubt it'll happen but it'd be cool
I want to go canyon jumping at some point as well by any chance are you an adrenaline junkie?

wouldnt be so sure about the training thing lol. nah, im not exactly an adrenaline junkie. there are some things that i probably wouldnt do.

Haha the training would be epic I'd come back like a Tibetan fighting monk
aha so what kinda things do you wanna do cause like me i don't know my limits

a tibetan fighting monk that wears a man u jersey, love it! bungee jumping would definitely be next on the list. i also wouldnt mind scuba diving, something different.

Really I'd have to wear that scummy shirt? I do have a mate whose an arsenal fan but wears a man u shirt from 2 years ago cause he liked it
Oooooo I wanna do those too, I might go to the Philippines to go scuba diving got a filthy rich mate there lol

if your mate can wear it, then so can you! lol, dont forget to send me an invite if you go.

For sure, we'll do the extreme stuff together haha
Yah no I really don't like the Man U kit I've only got the LFC shirt and the Barcelona one haha
Why can't you just go for the Liverpool one >_<

ill wear the lfc shirt if you wear the man u one. that sounds fair.

Fair enough I think that will be the most awesome thing I'll see all year

of course, only because ill be wearing it haha. nah! whats the time at your end of the world btw?

It's Midday-ish atm like 1pm what's it like for you?

damn, got the whole day ahead of you. its 11pm here

Aww you gonna go to bed ..... ahh poop we won't be able to talk as much when I go back to uni *pouts*

not till i finish my law referencing. its such a pain. going back to uni isnt an excuse :(

Aha yay seems you like talking to me hehe no worrie I'll talk to you no matter where I am
Ah I referencing we have to use the Oxford referencing standard it's so damn long

lol relax, im just kidding. focus on uni :) i blame england for over-complicating life. australias stupid for following you guys.

Nah no worries literally have Uni like 2 days a week all the resources are on-line so whilst I'm travelling or in the mornings I'll always be around to talk to you .... Uni can't be everything

two days a week? im so jealous lol. how fars uni anyways?

22 miles away pretty far and I need to pass my damn driving test =-= but the trains not bad takes roughly an hour in total to get there no matter which way you go
It might be 3 days this year but I'm unsure the timetables not out yet

miles sounds so foreign. it takes me about 40 mins by car, and upto an hour and a half during peak hour. do you have to practice driving for a certain amount of hours before getting your licence?

Umm no we get tested like some people take as little as 10 hours or something usually people take 40 hours of lessons though and somehow I suck at it lol there's also a multiple choice test. I'm gonna try for my Motorbike licence in the winter though that is a week long course

men are meant to be guns at driving! i cant really talk, my test was pretty awful too. im going to head off now. scrolling through these comments is exhausting lol. it was nice talking to you, and i apologise for chewing your brain&all. take it easy! :)

>_< I'm gonna miss you lol talk to me soon

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yeah, you're damn right!

*high five*.. my parents are workacholic too

it sucks!

yeah money doesn't by the right type of bonds. Hope ur hanging in there.

i can totally relate just mine is academic not wealth.

That must be hard to deal with. I'm very sorry to hear this about your parents. I bet they still give love to you when they can... my parents are very similar, they gave love but 'things' have been the only way love could be spread in most cases. We can strive to be the future parents we didn't have in our very own, and even take the strengths of theirs into our hands!

im sure they do love me. they still do whatever they can. but their ways of expressing love is by 'giving' me things. it doesn't always work.

my friend from highschool, who would have thought that I'd see you on here lol. I like your classy BMW that you got for your 18th. lucky you. you've done so well in life so far, don't let it all slip away. you were a high achiever throughout school. thank them for having those genes!

I know right! haha thankyou. I just got my license recently. and the car was my graduation pressie. you go to the melboune uni vetenary faculty right? good on you for living up that dream.

You know, I bet you really did enjoy that BMW your parents bought for your High School graduation. I don't really know you well enough but I would venture to say that you also enjoyed having all your university tuition paid off, living in a nice home/ residence even, etc. Heck, they'll probably even help you buy your own place someday, right?

This world we live in is a very shallow one and your parents simply wanted to be able to provide you with everything that you have now in life. Though it may not cross their thoughts much anymore due to habitat, I am almost certain that the day they became aware of your being that they wanted to provide you with all the material things in life that I am sure you really do enjoy. You probably even take it for granted sometimes, no?

Moreover, you try telling yourself that all you really wanted was your parents to be closer to you. Would you have given up your financial securities for that? Think about it? I suggest that you even read my article titled "My True Being Uncensored" to see the difference between someone who has grown up in the opposite end of the spectrum to see what may have happened if your parents were not so career focused.

With all that being said, and from a few other stories that I have read from you so far, I don't believe that you are a material person at all. You are even able to see the world for being more than that of your own benefit.

That is all, I just wanted to share some perspective with you.

just love ur parents! I know their career has taken them far from being with u all the time but they are serving people! and my experience is that u can't feel what they feel now for u yill u become a mother and having a girl! then u can analyze ur whole life back! love them and forgive any shortcoming!

I do love them. don't get me wrong. it's just that sometimes you wish for the smallest things.

I understand babe! and it is hard! loving them and forgiving them makes u stronger to endure thse sad feelings! the way u feel is the nicest way a child can feel missing her parent's hug!

that's true. i just hope i don't turn out like that someday.

being raised in such a high class family gives u this unique opportunity to know people from higher point of view and gives u the opportunity to prepare urself to serve people in the future with a high ranking career!

and thar's a gift from ur parents!

but i agree it doesn't replace a simple hug or an hour spent together!

yeah, they've always taught me to value my education. im currently studying law&amp;commerce. that sounds pretty demanding in many aspects. im proud of them for what they are, and i look upto them. but, there should be a balance between family&amp; ones career.

I absolutely agree with u! there should be a balance! and this opinion shows that u are intellectually mature! cngratualtions ! and congras for ur studying! u r in the right track! my best wishes for ur success! enjoyed talk to u! hope we can share experiences more in futuure! actuall I am old enough to have a lot of experience! I am here mostly for fun! following some fun fantasies! but don't worry for serious people like u I can be a serious friend also! I hope

thankyou for taking the time out to read this.
have a great day.

my pleasure! you too!

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