Struggling For 8 Yrs

I haven't hurt myself in a couple of months. Thats a huge accomplishment for me. But as the days go on it seems to get harder to fight the urges to cut. Unfortunately this has been my life for 8 yrs.

If anyone is going through a similar experience and needs to talk please message me anytime. It helps me to help others.
LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
26-30, F
4 Responses May 14, 2011

hey, i'm new here and i'm looking for someone to be friends with who I can email n stuff... so let me know if your interested, I read your story and it basicly said whats happening with me now

ive also been struggling with cutting for about 4 years now and its so hard to try and stay on the right track. everytime something brings me down or i need to escape i fight the urge to cut or hurt myself. ive gotten better and havent really done it much this past 6 months but i do slip from time to time.

Thank u for ur comment LC<br />
Don't be sorry about anything, and PM me if u want to chat about this or ask any questions.

Hi LF<br />
I have never done this but I know others who have.<br />
Im sorry to hear you are struggling with this.<br />
Are you getting help in any way? <br />
I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers!<br />