Lack Of Self-worth

I am not a violent person, nor am I ever in need to physically hurt myself, but currently I am lacking the strength to bring myself out of this deep, black pit.

I am having a hard time seeing the point in my life. Perhaps if I had a child or maybe someone I could always confine in, it would be easier for me to feel a sense of self-worth. Sadly, though, tonight I do not.

I am not writing this as a way to gain pity from anyone, nor am I trying to make friends (believe me I'm not the type of person you'd want as a friend), I'm writing this to relieve myself of these negative and ill thoughts.

I suppose my biggest issue right now is this seeping gut feeling that I am failing this life. I have lost so much of myself in the past couple weeks that I can't seem to find that positive slope I once enjoyed. I keep having these moments when I feel perfect and then, suddenly, that perfect moment is gone and I am surrounded by these negative thoughts. No one I know is able to understand or comfort me.

I just wish I could pause my life and take a break...
boy do I need one.
MissMoxy MissMoxy
22-25, F
4 Responses May 19, 2011

I agree, thank you for your comment. <br />
Friends like that are hard to come by, but when you find them, you keep them always.

I've no interest in cutting myself. <br />
<br />
I am not exactly a very positive person on the inside and it's something that I cannot change about myself currently. <br />
<br />
I'm extremely aware that I am the only person to change my thoughts and actions by being positive and motivated. The problem is I don't see the point in either or the two.

I understand where you are and where you have been, the problem is the only person that will be able to help you is you! Noone knows your true strengths like you do so noone will truly be able to give you what you are in need of. My best advice to you would be to look in the mirror and see your own self worth GIVE yourself a reason to be happy to be free PERFECTION is not found you have to work for it and earn it so GET UP and get yourself worth back:) If anybody believe that you could do it then YOU SHOULD BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL DO IT...

Can i ask why you feel you are not the type of person others would want as a friend?