I Am....

But I shouldnt. I feel like sometimes the only reason I dont is so I dont have to explain myself to others. I have been there. But I'd rather just be a recluse and live in solitude. I dont know how I am going to get through this next phase of my life. I have no idea...... I have a boyfriend who loves me soooo muuuch but he doensnt understand these emotional things I cant control. I dont think he even knows where to start with this. I know he wishes he could help but he doesnt know how. And I dont know how to tell him to help me. I know he doesnt want me in pain but I cant do anything else right now but feel pain. Lots of it.
AlyceOverTheRainbow AlyceOverTheRainbow
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*hugs* all he can really do is hold your hand while you try and handle/understand/solve your pain.. whether it be through a personal journey or with a professional. I hope you find a resolve

Thank you whispering sunshiney. I hope I find resolve too.

Thank you Jenni <3

Dear Goddess your sorrow is just a sliver of glass in the Mothers eye,,,I can help you give this sorrow, which I feel is a throne in your side,,,Please go out side and unight with your Father and Mother,,,Bear footed stand on your Mother,,,aknowledge her,,,,feel her energy,,,her color is Purple,,,she feeds you her loving light though your feet,,,on up though your whole body,,,her light continues out of your crown stright to heaven,,,as soon as her light reach heaven the Fathers Light comes down and shine white Light so White it just feels so awesome,,,,anyway breath those colors for as long as you like,,,and when you feel all the sicknesss leave your body,,than you have given your pain and sorrow back to the Father and Mother,,,and peace should abound,,,Love and Light Sister,,,Love and Light,,,Mary

Love and light.... yes please.

please.... it hurts.

love light