With Words' - They Hurt Me So Bad.

My health care team REFUSES to put up with it because they know for me, that the WORDS hurt MORE then actions' - I cannot always understand words' as well as actions' - so they confuse and HURT much deeper and more...

So when I really want to hurt me, I call myself LOTS of ugly names like the ones' the people who "hurt" me did.

Am trying to change this behavior though, just gets hard because how else do I punish me or be sure to take on all the responsability I have to - it is SO hard to figure out this balance thing in taking responsibility - yeah, I take on more then I am told I need to or should even go near, but if I do not, then who will?

Plus, I rather take on TOOOOO much, then TOOOOO little!
stigmafree stigmafree 31-35 1 Response Jul 6, 2011

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i used to cut and when i want to hurt my self now i just brush a comb on my skin, it's just a little red scratch that goes away fast, and it makes me feel better.