....I looked up how to obtain a gun in my state of residence. I've struggled with suicidal thoughts for an extremely long time, but I've never actually had it as an option. Sadly, getting all the permits and then the gun itself with the ammo is something I can't even afford at the moment. So for now I'm just going to rot away inside.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

You’re a writer, writers don’t kill themselves with guns…..(let me explain).

they tap a vein and from it pours ink clotted with beautifully destructive words, the bleed out this poison onto paper and with it their soul, they relinquish everything they have, confessing their thoughts, their hopes and dreams, their sins, their inner demons to this omnipotent universe of parchment that lay before them. The give the monsters that haunt people life and imprison them into paper where they can no longer hurt others. So few people in this world have anything worth saying, and those who are writers or aspire to be writers are not among them, you have the urge, the itch just under your skin to tell a story, to weave a tale that helps people escape the monotony of their day to day lives. You are someone’s salvation and you don’t even know it.