Wish To Stop

My boyfriend is mad at me when i give into it.. but i don't know what to tell him sometimes.. Because it's so hard not to and when i give into it he thinks im weak and i dont want him to be upset.. but sometimes it's voice is bigger then his.. and i can't help it.. I need help because i can't stop..
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Hi my first response was to say "screw him" because I don't like when people get mad at stuff you can't help...but I don't want you to hurt yourself either...can you describe what you are feeling bad about?

Well There is a couple things going on.. It's almost the date of my uncles suicide, February 2nd 2007, and that is stressing my out a bit.. and im trying to make up with my friend right now.. im juggling to many after school activities and My mother has been really sick.. He's only like that because he doesnt really understand because he never had that type of problem..

Wow that is terrible about your uncle...I am so sorry to hear that. Yes I see how it would stress you out! I hope you can work things out with your friend...and maybe take a break from all the extra activities?
I once volunteered on a suicide hotline...and I learned a bit about it...have you talked to anyone about this? I know how it feels to cut yourself...please see a doctor or counsellor to help you work on your problems. It won't make them go away but it can make it easier to cope :) hugs

Thank you.. My counselor from school always called me in because another student told her about it.. But i was never really willing to talk to her..I think im ready now..

yay!!! that's awesome...let us know how it goes :)

will do.. :) Thanks again for the advice..

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