Seeing Her With Another Guy

Im really struggling at the moment. I've just recently broke up with my girlfriend, We were really gud mates for 3 1/2+ years and we've decided to stay living together cause we have different rooms. The break-up was really mutual so although its probibly the hardest thing i've ever done, i think ill be ok because i'll still have her as a really close friend which is what i am most scared of, loosing her.

I think im going to be able to move on from her but today she came home with the guy that she's been hanging out with alot lately. She said that they are only mates but i dont know ae, when she looks at him it is the same as when she used to look at me. I'm ok with her hanging out with him, but seeing her with someone else is so just not ready for it...its so hard. Omg im crying nw lol.

I just want to move on from her cause once i do that i can get as close if not closer to her as a friend than i was before. Now that we've been through alot more i already feel alot closer to her. Its just such a huge blow ae, tru kick in the balls lol =p.

I mean she's incredible. Literally the most amazing girl i've ever met in my life. Everything about her is incredible. I've never met anyone who can just wake up, flick their hair and still look as though they were ready to go out. Everything about her i love. I feel priverlaged to have her in my life.

We have this little thing that we both have said that when i get married, she's going to be there. Wether she is the one in the wedding or not, and its the same for her with me. Im going to be there.

It was really wierd the other night because for the good 3 days after we broke up, ive never been so attracted to her. I hate it so much cause she's right there and i cant just walk up and kiss her, i cant just walk up and hug her, i cant just walk up and wisper in her ear, i cant do anything...and she's 'right' there. It was somthing that i wasnt very gud at when we were dating, just having that flare, i never did any of that stuff because i was always to scared. But, from our relationship i've come out alot more confident so im very grateful. neways, the other night i spent the night with her for one of the first time's since we broke up. It was wierd because i saw her as a friend and not someone i am in love with...thats not happend for a very long time. From it i can see that we will be ok in the end.

I just needed to let this out cause otherwise i would end up going and getting even more drunk and stoned that i did lastnight and thats something that im not prepared to do.

anyways thats why im struggling at the moment.

sorry its long lol but thanks for reading if you get to this point.

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i know it hurts, but if you reach out to your savior, he will comfort you and help you