My Perfect Example.

In university, i was part of this society called the Assassins Society. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it is an excuse to run around campus with nerf guns :) and many people take it very seriously.

Anyway, we were playing a contracts game, it starts on monday, and you have all week, day and night to track down and "assassinate" your 3 given targets from the society, if you kill all your targets, you get 3 more.
Well unfortunately i had come down with Kidney stones during the game, and found it very hard to move, or breath or stand the pain at all, which made my kind of an easy target. I almost didn't mother carrying my nerf gun around with me.

Anyway, the society had decided to make this game 2 weeks long as opposed to the usual 1. So on Sunday, i was coming home from church, sweating and feeling queasy from the pain, and i noticed the light on in my targets room on campus.

Now anyone who has had kidney stones can attest to the agony i was in, but that didnt stop me. I got to the front door of the building, and managed to tug it open (the magnetic lock on that door kinda sucked) walked up to her floor, and convinced her housemates to let me in.

What follows was the REAL wounded soldier routine. In real agony, i engaged my target in a nerf gun fire fight ^^ I was in so much pain, i was staggering around, leaning against walls for balance. I didnt last more than a minute, but if that isnt stubborn, i dont know what is.

The moral of the story is: dont give up, no matter how trivial the task.
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012