So Stubborn I Keep Changing My Mind.


I know I am stubborn, which is interesting when I argue because I am even stubborn about changing my mind and seeing the other point of view. I can't help but see what someone else thinks, I'll even argue for a terrorist or murderer. Its weird just how much I will stand-up for someone or a concept which I don't understand, while later on I will be arguing against it from another point of view.

What is my opinion anyway?

I’m stubborn, that’s that, I won't so anything I don't want to. If I decide that its time for me to take a day off work, I do, if I feel like a minor crusade against something, I will, If I feel like trying something and succeeding I will. It’s very hard to get me to commit to a social gathering, because I stubbornly dislike social gatherings and hate the nervous time leading up to it.

My character is stubborn. I cannot help it, I think its best to do it my way, or to see it my way, and I would probably not get along with myself.

I’m rambling, the work-day is almost over.

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3 Responses May 13, 2007

I used to to hate conflict and avoid it when I was younger, but now I think I'm beginning to realize how necessary certain conflicts in life are, if only to at least overcome them. Before , I would let anyone sway me just to belong, but now I suppose I really am getting a bit more stubborn the older I get. Still, there is balance between being open minded and sticking to you principles.

as i read more and more of your stories i have begun to realize just how very similar you and i are. it's quite scary to be honest. when i was your age i was so terribly stubborn. i'd take the opposite side of someone else, whether i agreed with it or not, just simply to oppose them. however, as i've gotten older and experienced much more diversity in my life, i've calmed down dramatically. but at the end of the day i'm still stubborn and want my way! hehe

Not so different, sometimes I will tell people I am going to do as to please them...but then come up with a cheesy excuse later, right at the cusp.