Yes and No. ...

yes and no. im stubborn in things that are bad for me. and uncertain in things that are good for me. for example, i refuse to work right now. then again, i see that as good. life of a layabout, dont underestimate it people. it can be bloody exhausting.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2007

it IS indeed exhausting! i'm a 'forced' layabout due to an accident. it's upsetting because i don't want to sit around/lay around all the time. i would really like to go back to work, even if it's just at home. i've got to get my mind stimulated some how. i know other people view me as lazy or whatever but this is not the life i chose. if you have the physical ability to do more i suggest you do so before you get sucked into the depression that comes with not leaving the house and staying in the comfort of your bed all day long, every day. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.