In a Good Way...

When I was young I was meek and timid. As I grew up I was put into situations that require a backbone and so something had to change. At first I was stubborn in an arrogant, thick-headed sort of way. I was never wrong, I knew everything and refused to be swayed from my line of thinking. I was exactly the kind of person I hated. As I (hopefully) matured, I learned to be more assertive and secure in my opinions without resorting to tantrums and sticking my chin in the air. I'm still really stubborn and get some complaints about it. But now it's more of a belief and trust in myself. Or I could still be in denial and as pig-headed as ever but I don't think so.
Faile Faile
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2007

Naw, thou art wonderful! :D