I Like To Call It "Head-Strong"

LOL Ever since I can remember.. I've been called stubborn. I was a stubborn baby, child, teen, and Guess what? I'm still stubborn as hell.. 

I admit it.. That's one thing that will never change. It has it advantages and disadvantages... Most people don't like it.. but it's just me.. How I've always been..

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Ahh ha!! Sounds like my girl ennuye, is a bit stubborn too! heehee Yeah, they usually mean well when they are trying to tell us what we SHOULD do.. but I don't think they realize the opposite effect they are having by opening there mouth. We are definitely a force to be reckoned with girlie! Yeah, but if we comprimise too much it's like we have NO say in our on life or the decisions we make.. So it's all good. I rather do it my own way and make mistakes... I've found out I'm only happy only if I do it my way, anyways.. Regardless, if it's the right way. (if that makes sense) <br />
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We are just two Queens, girl.. don't tell us nothin'.. we don't HAVE to do $hit!! LOL<br />

Thanx for the info Miss Blue.. XD That is SO true when someone tells me "I can't do something" They just make me want to do it MORE.. and I will do it, just to spite them. Mwhahaha I WIN!! It does put me on a mission.. A mission to prove them wrong.. and Not to let them determine and step on my abilities. <br />
XD <br />
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Hmm... Inku we're troublemakers?! haha Noooo I'm sweet as pie.. I don't know about you though lol ;) Xo

Ennuye.. why do I get the feeling you already knew this about me.. lol Hmm I wonder what gave it away.<br />
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Hard-headed, bull-headed, stubborn... Have been the words I've heard others mostly describe me as.<br />
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I don't realize I'm being that way.. It's just I'm hard to budge on my beliefs.. and I don't do anything I don't want to do... I exercise it many time through out the day.. and usually get called out on the way I'm acting.. If you tell me "I HAVE to do something".. that's when it comes out the most. I'm like what?! Oh no.. You don't know who your talking to.. I don't "HAVE" to do anything.. <br />
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And if someone is mad at me... I'm to stubborn to make the first move to resolve it.. Someone wants to give me something... I'm very stubborn about taking anything from anyone... Or rather them giving me something.. <br />
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No, smiles .. I'm an Aries.. and like Inku's comment states, it is a known trait for us Rams.<br />
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I was curious to know what the opposite of stubborn was Hawl, here are some more words... compliant, acquiescing, flexible, pliant, swayable, yielding, accommodating, cooperative, tractable, willing.<br />
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*gotta read Inku's research.. :D

Good on you. If i was stubborn i would exploit the good aspects of it. Sadly im so (cant think of the opposite word) not stubborn im verging flaky.

Are you a taurus? I am stubborn myself.