Is Good Sometimes

today i wrote something..and deleted it..i let myself really to ''fall down''....but im too stubborn -thats good for some things..especially if its gonna make me keep moving...i mean,i wanna be ok n i think the worst?*shake head*i should wake up n keep going..yeah i know we can be sad n depressed,we are humans..but i should always stand is challenge..

amysangels amysangels
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Well spoken, stand up and do your magic

I think being stubborn is actually good, Amy! I am very stubborn. I won't give up on my dreams no matter what.

sorry i don talk much..i ll pm u..hugs*

Yes, Amy, everyday is a challenge. Your stubborness shows that you have found strength to conquer, and you continue to strive for your goals.<br />
We are all permitted out moments of doubt, but you seem to be growing towards maturity, and learning from within.<br />

hugs duke*

thanks for understanding ap

good to try always

Yep! I know just how you feel! I do the same.