I Refuse To Stop Trying!

Every morning, when I awake, I sit on the side of my bed, and wonder, will I stand up today?

For many years, I would fall down, unable to stand. And, yet, with every fall, i knew that I would challenge myself the next day.

Now, I can stand..what if I had not been stubborn, and had given up on trying to stand, would I be walking with my head up as high as I do today?

chipperchick chipperchick
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9 Responses Jan 29, 2010

My Longhorn fan, <br />
You see me.<br />
<br />
And now we both can see how determined both kimsmiles and I are.<br />
<br />
You know hhow stubborn, i also am,<br />
<br />
Any ideas on London?<br />
Lovew, <br />
Chipperchicksaysscrew theh typos!!

To both you and Kim, all I can say is I admire you determination and hope that both of you do wonderful things for the rest of your lives...

Kimsmiles,<br />
<br />
<br />
Yes, determined os a much better word to describe the two of us, my Friend...Yes, who knows why??? Here, our determination as to the why's, must be put aside, and our determination to enjoy every moment now given back to us,that's the pot o" gold at the end of our rainbows.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing, Kim, and like I tell New Chip, when she runs, Go for the Gold, Girl, Go for the Gold, Kim.<br />
<br />

AviX, thank you so much for your comment,<br />
I try to be inspiring to others, but admirable, that's beyond even my vivid imagination!!!<br />
thank you for noticing my hidden qualities.<br />
<br />
Your friend.and sister, Linda

Didn't you know that longhorns are tough as nails... And I can just imagine you with purple and orange streaked hair ( I had to chuckle on an otherwise tiring day). Hang in there babe, you will find that life is sweeter in the clover...

Longhorn, my eyes are green, and I love the color purple! <br />
So, no funny story about that combo, except most people always comment about my Kelly green high top boots I wear, and the fact that my hair is as close to purple as possible, with out stripping it with bleach, which is what I have to do , cause the last time I did it myself, without my Jimmy's help. He came home that night, and said, Good job Lin. and that was it. When I went to the BR, and looked n the mirror, foundd out that it was purple with orange and streaks thruout.Then after I started howling, he said, I thought you wanted a new look. Well, ,yeah, but, I am looking for a job, and I think that I better go to my beautician, and get this one straightened out.<br />
You're starting to look tasty to me, are you Prime?<br />
chipperchickhereand she ain't goin'anywhere!

I just read one of your comments about the change in your avatar and was thrilled to see that you have gotten so much out of this place. You are so cool... and so purple and green. What's that all about?

Every day, everyday, Longhorn Fan..<br />
<br />
I should have added that, eventho i did fall, down, I did keep my head up high, then too..tha's how I found strength, my friend. <br />
I try hard to fly above my problems at all times!<br />
Thank you for being a friend.<br />
<br />
Chipperchickhereand foreverandever.

Good show, chipper, Jolly Good Show! Don't resign from life, embrace it and make it yours.