I Hate This :( Help Me?

Ok! where to start? I need to make up my mind, ofcourse. I’m stuck between two guys, i know.. stupid little love story. Well, i need help! Ok, the first guy is your tipical JOCK, plays sports (more than one) is outgoing, loud, and is one of those sexy boys you just want to lick :p lmaoo, ya know? And the second guyyy, he’s more of the party boy, he’s a little older than the first guy.. He’s so sweet and he speaks his mind and he’s also a cutieee (:
This is the story behind it thoughh…. I was talking to the first guy(JOCK), we were kinda getting serious, you can say. Andd i was just unsure of him because the whole jock thingg, everyone calls him a player! I was scared :/ so i left him for the second guy(PARTY BOY), is that bad? Well, anywayssss…. I was with the second guy for like 3 weeks and we were kinda getting serious, ya know we madeout a few times and were just getting close to eachother and then all the sudden he’s like, I’m confused about what i want (he liked another girl but didnt know what to do because he liked me) so basically he dumps me (he sugar coated it) so i was pissed and didn’t talk to him after that. So, i get to thinking about it and i done the SAME thing to the first guy i was with! I dumped him for another guy :( i felt horrible! So, i was kind of scared to talk to him because he was VERY mad at me for “effing him over” so i txted him saying “hey” acting like it was an accident and he was like uhm.. hey? so we got to talking and you could tell he still had feelings for me but he was still OVERLY pissed off by what i done.. So, we kinda talked for about two weeks and he slowly gave in to me (: i was happy, i missed him. It’s just something about him i can’t get over ya know? So anywayss, he gave me a second chance! and then like not even a day after that, the second guy txts me and is all nice and flirting and stuff, and i’m still pissed so i’m being rude and stuff but he’s just so determined.. So, that goes on for about a week and then he tells me that he missed me and couldn’t get me off his mind and he knew what he wanted right after he stopped talking to me because he was jealous of me talking to other people so i just MELT because i really liked this guy! So, i give in and he asks me for a second chance too! and i said yes :/ I KNOW ITS BAD! I didnt know what to do! I like both of them so much and they are two TOTALLY different people! So, anyways.. I told the first guy i was back talking to the second guy and he ofcourse gets mad.. But surprisingly, he talked to me like two days later. I was sitting infront of him in class and he jerks my desk around facing him (SO HOT!) lol, and SMILED (: and i smiled and hid my face and he laughed at me haha, then he said so you just think its ok to screw me over like this AGAIN!? and i was like please stop, i dont wanna talk about it and he kept going and was just like what do you have to say??? And i said uhmm.. and he said sorryy? and i was like the last time i said that you got pissed because it doesnt change what i did and he was like yeah i know. And i was like ok then. And it was silent for a little bit and then he said Damn, I just couldn’t stay away.. I FELT SOOOO BAD! And he said you should feel horrible actually! And that was it, the bell rang and we haven’t talked since. I wish i could make up my mind, i don’t like hurting him cause i really like him but i like the second guy too. That's my story, I’m so confused. Comments?

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Wow, u kind of remind me of myself caus im a confused person as well and sometimes im the one tht puts myself in these positions. Anyways, you like both and you feel so confused and stuck which sucks, but i do agree with mouseykit, and i think u should evaluate this well so tht u wont regret any decisions later, altho i feel tht both of them r slight pla<x>yers especially the PARTYBOY but it all depends on u, u got my best wishes!

well it sounds like your really confused and generally best policy when your confused it to take a step back from the whole situation and ask yourself how you really feel about these two and where you want to end up or if a relationship right now is even the best thing for you. Over all you just have to do what you feel is best for you remember your the one that has to live with your decisions so make ones you are sure of.