My Boyfriend Says He Doesnt Love Me Anymore

I got a call from my 54 year old boyfriend today ( I am 32 btw) and he says in the phone call that he does not love me anymore.  He is a divorced bald and fat man who is impotent, and he tells that he does not love me.  It is almost funny that he did that.  I feel like it's GOD doing me a favor.  So now when I get home and he gets off the lap top, I notice that the cache is cleaned out, also he erases all of the calls that are out going and incoming on his phone.  I am glad that this messed up relationship is coming to an end. 

He found me in Alcoholics Anonymous, and he acted like he was my friend, and he chased me hard untill he finally got me to go out with him after like about 4 monthes of going out as friends.  Then he got a ring on my finger, then he asked me to live with him.  I was sober only 4 monthes when we moved in, I also had lost my child to CPS, and I am fighting to get her back.  We have been together 8 monthes I intoduced him to my daughter and he is just playing me.  He calls his ex female friends and I think that he is having lunch with them behind my back.  He took advantage of me and now he is walking all over me.  I feel so embarrassed.  I feel unloved and I feel unsafe.  I feel dupped.  I feel stupid.  He won't talk to me all he says is that he is not inlove with me anymore. 

I hurt because I thought that he was my friend, I thought he would always be there for me.  I thought that I could depend on him.  Now I feel like a fool.  He is 22 years older than me, he has BIG DEBT, and he is bald and impotent.  It is not handsome.  I guess this is what I get for not loving myself.  THis could be a lesson to me to love myself. 

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I agreee with the above comments, plus the reason the say wait a year to see anyone (specially in A.A.) is so you can figure out who you are as a person, what your voice is, how special you are.. and if you get in a relationship before that, well it just messes everything up and your priorities are all messed up. keep your head up, for your daughter.

If he doesn't love you any more he Never Loved You At All!!

If he doesn't love you any more he Never Loved You At All!!

Move on! Get out as soon as you can and try to not get stuck with HIS baggage! You have to become responsible for yourself . . . the sooner the better.