The more i live the more i hate. Getting made fun by others in the gay community calling me a babybeater and some of my good 20 something year old friends that i trusted went behind me and started that rumor and now its killing me. I was put through ex-gay therapy as i went to college at liberty. Everyday is a fight to live. People who care the one or two tell me i am na awesome person. But i am so torn up, how the heck can i continue? I am not thick skinned. I dont talk about my life at home because htey dont understand. People label me sick in the head. Screw this. 
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Thats ****** up! Theres nothing wrong with you! What the hells wrong with those people? damn they should be ashamed of themselves . i hate when people dont think about other's feelings and what they have to go through...

ex gay therapy is where christians try to change your orientation so it fits biblical mandates.

hey dmcoomer.<br />
My heart aches after reading sad. I cannot say I know exactly how you feel as you would know, but I feel I can relate to those emotions.<br />
I need to ask, what is ex-gay therapy? <br />
I hope u find the answers, relief and love ur searching for