Stuck In The Past Like Music Loop

2006 - I'm 16 , found new friends and was asked by a girl.Extrovert.Ambitious.
2012 - Ascetic and dunno where I'm going with life.Lonely.Aimless.

Imagine the above 7 lines as lines in a song.And in my case I'm nearing the end of the song - while I cannot take my mind off thinking about the how will
I begin listening to song again !

Getting me ?

I'm stuck in the past . I'm stuck to the point that I cannot move on to the next song in the playlist of my life.These six years since 2006 are none less than lyrics in a happy song going sad.And this 'stuck in the past' approach is affecting every aspect of my life.I have started listening to old music , I do not accept 'changes' that often.Off lately I have shun my new phone and bought a 2006 era phone - in hope of living that part of life.I'm running away from future.And my present is like a lost man in desert.Wondering what's next to come in life ?
theweirdhippo theweirdhippo
22-25, M
Sep 16, 2012