To Be Or Not To Be A Doctor

let me give you a little insight about myself. I used to hate nursing. I used to hate studying the pathophysiology of diseases. So when I took my Licensure Board Exam for Nursing I failed. That got to me a lot. I filed for a second take. But this time I gave it my best. When I did, I slowly learned to ENJOY (literally) and LOVE nursing. Well, to be specific I enjoyed and loved the moments when I studied diseases. Not the nursing job itself, yet. Now I am thankful that I passed the board exam. Finally Im a registered nurse. And NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. Its like I have no objective. I have this urge of proceeding medicine. I also have the urge to be a businessman. I also have an urge to work as a nurse. Right now I am considering medicine. But I am afraid I might be wasting my time in doing so because I might get lazy in the middle. I know its a risk and all. I mean 4 years isnt a joke. My parents keep telling me I am suitable to be a doctor, but I am really not sure. I am afraid of God knows what. seriously. I want to take up medicine and I also dont want to take up medicine. What do you think should I do?
noworriesbehappy noworriesbehappy
22-25, M
Jan 8, 2011