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I have always been an admirer of those who follow this particular study because most of the people I know who are anthropologist tend to be so knowledgeable of the world around them. They are taught to not focus on just one aspect of a topic but all aspects; to maintain as much of an objective POV as can be possible; and to be as neutral as humanly possible. Although it seems impossible to accomplish these things most of these individuals are better off as a whole then most of the world. I personally am finishing my degree in Cultural Anthropology myself and am trying my damndest to get into the University of Chicago so that I can get my Master's.
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It is an amazing subject. :) I am in my final year of Anthropology and plan on traveling soon to work on my thesis. What particular area of Anthro do you enjoy most?

the cultural aspect has always been intriguing to me the most ... especially the different rules that every society establishes based on their environment and history ... but i also love to research the biological aspect of it all, the way it influences certain behaviors and how certain traits can also determine the environs and culture of a group

Oh cool. I'm more into the philosophical aspect of it where I'll play around with ideas of religion, government, ethics, identity. I'm thinking about doing my thesis regarding refugees. The scientific aspect of Anthropology is fascinating too. I have taken some archaeology courses and loved them! The genes and blood information kinda confuses me...but learning about primates was fun! :)

lol it is the exact opposite for me ... that whole digging for the truth thing is intriguing but in practice i find it not my style but that is the way of the world right? to each their own ... the refugees thing is quite fascinating especially with those from africa and the middle east where it is most prominent