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Saturday is my first step in heading for uni. Im going to do a BA with Hons (If I can). Have to do a quick start course to get in to uni properly and do my BA. Have no real idea what this course about, apart from what I have read which is a taste of what you should expect over the next 3 years. Have no idea what to do. Should be nervous, right? Nah Im kinda excited! I want to major in Psychology and eventually want to run my own practise from home. Im interested, always have been but let all the fear and crap take over and that is what stopped me time and again.

All fear really is - False Expectations Appearing Real. Not sure who came uo with that but it wasnt me. Its not all that simple to grasp when its completely controlling your life. But since I shed it its time to just go towards what I want. And this is one of the things I want. Music and writing are great but I know I will grow to resent them if I do them all the time. Same with working on cars. So much fun when I want to do it. But so damn boring when I dont. Strange when it comes to thinking of my future I still somehow know that even in 25 years time I would still be really happy as a Psychologist.
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So, how's your study going?<br />
That's pretty great, I wanted to do psychology, but I wasn't accepted, because my high school results weren't good enough, because I am ill very often. So now I'm doing a different study, which is kinda nice and I'm not sure if I should try again for psychology this summer...<br />
What you said about fear, I like that, never heard it.<br />
Good luck becoming a psychologist ;)