I am studying hard for the ASVAB. I am going into the Air Force and their minimum score is a 50. I want to score really high on this thing. I have used like 7 books already and am referencing back and forth. Also taking an online basic mathematics course. I want to get this so badly. Anyone else feel the pain?
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they should do some groups meet for those people that don't like to study (me) or have a hard learning's disability, town should help, meet or something to get in a group that focus on that asvab to get the best score you can ...... oh yeah let it be free too... do you guys know any place let me know pls ......

Wow! Thanks guys~ I will definitely take down your tips!

In my personal experience, the books didn't really help. If you have the chance, try looking over Algebra 2 papers, and brush up on your mechanical knowledge. And they tend to ask questions about different types of electrical circuits.

The graded score is math and English. The rest of the subjects are for MOS/job placement. I was a recruiter for 4 years and helped many applicants achieve higher scores. Study the math and english from the asvab study guide from walmart and take the cd tests they provide. Library is will have the books also . Good luck