White Privilege >>> Please Help!

hi guys, I'm reaching out for some help on this topic because I need to get my gears moving..

I need to connect Peggy McIntosh, an American feminist and anti-racist activist's 1988 essay “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences through Work in Women’s Studies.”

(focus on the 46 starting on page 5)


Tim Wise’s lecture


and the personal effects of white privilege in daily life (I am a 21 year old white female with low income)

I need to write a paper to be at least 2-3 pages and I just want some help getting ideas cranking..

please! please! please! my paper is due on friday morning!!!
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thinking about starting my essay by saying....

"They feel so strong to say we are weak." This quote by Bob Marley may not relate so heavily into my life as a young, white female but it does relate to a majority of other Americans living today. As Tim Wise informed me about history that I was so oblivious to before watching his YouTube video on White Privilege, this form of action started long ago when white people decided to segregate themselves as considerably more significant to those of color. I was also somewhat unfamiliar with the term "white privilege" until this sociology class. As I read through Peggy McIntosh's essay, I realize that I do indeed relate to at lot of what she labeled as the effects to my race. To me, the color of my skin is only a pigment but to the greater society, this very color, separates me from other incredible human beings that are not seen as equal because of their skin-tone. My skin color is a catalyst that the upper class used to manufacture false hatred and militant behavior between the rich upper class and other groups in the plebeian classes. Tim Wise's speech on white privilege cited white skin color as the primacy indicator of status in society due to the social elite's design to control the slave trade.

what do you think?

So far it sounds good.