An Old Friend Made a Pass At Me...

Conrad and I used to be great friends, We would party together with friends then at closing time we would wonder off just the two of us, smoke a blunt and talk for hours..(This was a good few years ago) We were mates. There was never even a hint of flirtation between us...And thats unusual for me.

Circumstances changed, we lost touch for about a year or so, then started talking again via the magic of facebook...

Sent a few messages back and forth..Then i get this one:

If you ever get divorced let me know ;)


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12 Responses Aug 1, 2008

From my experience, guys tend to have a hard time balancing their feelings, between friendship and love, when it comes to being with a woman that is not his. It may have something to do with loneliness and his age. He may be married, but yet feel unfulfilled and lonely and he looks at you as if you’re a more perfect woman. You know . . . the grass is always greener on the other side.<br />
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He may say joking, but there is some truth there. Don't hate him for it. Take it as a complement and make sure you keep the lines well chalked.

I think it would be really hilarious if you wrote and told him you thought about what he said and decided a divorce really would be the best thing for you right now... <br />
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Just to see.... ha ha

OMG! Assuming he was serious, I can't believe he had the balls to say that! Jeez.

No, Sleepless, he really does want to have his tongue in your cheek!!

He He! He was proabably saying it in a tongue in cheek way- i wouldn't take it too seriosly. But if you continue to chat and become good friends again.. i'd bring up the subject casually at some point so he doesn't get the idea. We all say things that we think we feel but then regret later. Don't let it ruin a potentially good friendship.

Doesn't he know that you've only been married a year? He should wait another 4 to 6 years before saying something like that to you.

Just be honest with him. If he's really a friend, he'll respect your feelings and just pine for you silently until you're an old widow and he can hit on you in the nursing home!

OUCH, I think cel is right on this one... and at a funeral... EEEK!!!

Is he married?<br><br />
He probably always had a little thing for you, even way back, and has just now screwed up the nads to say something to you. I was at a FUNERAL a few months ago and an old friend basically said the same thing to me. Consider it a compliment!<br />
Ps: you lost touch for about a year? Isn't that about how long you've been married? He went into hiding, hon. You broke his heart when you got married!

wow.... um odd... LOL.... I'm not quite sure what to say to that... Whaaaa...t? pretty much sums it up...<br />
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My next email would completely ignore that line, and go on about some funny story... maybe he'll let it go.... and if not explain to him that you are HAPPILY married and do not see any reason to prepare for it ending already or any time soon... <br />
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Good luck (((HUGSSS))) hae

Yikes!! That COULD throw a monkey wrench into a friendship!<br />
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Um, Sleepless? If you ever get divorced... let ME know!!! heh heh!

Whaaa? is too right.