No Literally, I'm Stunned...

I ran into a big pole... You know the kind that go from floor to ceiling.. So, um yea... My man and I decide to go get some movies for a movie night... And not only was I completely oblivious to this large pole in the middle of the aisle, it was painted PURPLE!! of all things I ran into a large, purple, floor to ceiling pole... HARD... Apparently the whole store looked to see what the big "DONK" was...  If I didn't get a concussion, I am sure I came close. I'm all dizzy, nauseated, and chilly, Def. do NOT feel normal... and its been a couple of hours since... Hopefully I'll feel better soon... I'll never live it down though. My man was laughing so hard after he figured out what happened, that he tried to hand the cashier a dollar.. LOL!! We had a good laugh, and then we checked to see if I was OK head wise.. Def feel like I have some whiplash LOL..

hae hae
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2008

Sounds like something I would do.... Hope you're okay.

aww thanks sleepless!!!

aww thanks... I'm feelin OK right now.. Pretty sure I have a little whip lash though, My neck is really stiff..But I slept alright and everything so I think I'll make it...