Strange Grandkid?

 What If Only Two Choices?

Which would you choose Between the two?

Being richer than Paris Hilton & Donald Trump combined + misrable with "long life"...or;

Being poor + happy & contented with short life span...? One of my grandkids told me he; desired the wealth of Don Trump & Paris combined. I told him; Money cannot buy you  "happiness." He belted out; I dont want to be happy- I just want to be rich & misrable-

"happiness" is only a state of mind. "By the way; this grandkid is only 10 yrs of age...

I brought this to the attention of a close friend. He said; perhaps this 10 year old is much Much, older?

than what he "appears?" He does have Irish/India & Jewish roots. As a 10 Year old- he is highly politicaly minded & very drawn to DNA sciences & supports; mercy

Killing when there is no chance of cure. He also supports "stem-cell" research...?

When he told me this; his gaze was very dry & a Matter-of-fact tone of voice. He is also quite business oriented for a 10 yr old. What do I have on my hands...?

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1 Response Jan 21, 2010

Hmmm.....your grandson sounds like someone I once knew. I'd love to sit down with him and discuss his philosophy on life.