I am so colossally dumb, it's hilarious. I have vast amounts of information in my head, like any normal person, I just can't apply it to anything. I somehow manage to fail at the most basic of tasks even if instructed on how to perform it several times. One of my charges is sweeping the tile floors in my house and I can't even do that right. Every time I do it someone always complains of dirt or stepping on crap. When anyone else does it, the floor is flawlessly clean. I cannot understand basic concepts sometimes and have to have them explained to me time and again before they get through my thick skull. I am just inept and an idiot.
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your heavenly father doesn't say that about you, he thinks you arewonderful and special and worth the life of his son.

That's interesting, because your post is flawlessly written. The word "colossally" is way beyond the average person's vocabulary and is spelled correctly. You say you have "vast amounts of information" yet overlook the fact that to acquire information (knowledge) requires intelligence. You give one example of your "stupidity," a poor job sweeping a floor. What is your occupation? Perhaps your problem is you are underemployed, or you may have emotional issues. Judging by your stated age, you are not in a position to fairly evaluate who or what you are. Give yourself more of a chance.

He is absolutely right! I couldn't have said it better myself.