I Am Stupid And I Can't Forget About It

I wonder if I am the only person who remembers every single moment when she/he did a fool of herself, looked miserable, failed at somehing. All those thoughts keep visiting me every day, several times a day. I can't fall asleep because of them, I permanently blame myself and hate myself for not doing somehting and looking stupid because of that or for doing something with the same result. Everything I'd rather forget comes to my mind and reminds me of how stupid I am.

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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Lol I do it all the time too :D. Although, it's not about being intelligent or stupid, but about being imperfect. I'm a perfectionist myself, and this sucks. This is just another thing which must be destroyed to have a good life. After all, being imperfect is fun, world is beautiful because of it's imperfections. It would be very boring to live in a world where everything's perfect. Like some zen guy said: "World is beautiful, because it is falling out of balance, but with the background of perfect balance". But the main reason you and I recollect our mental garbage is because we are tied to other people's opinion's. Seriously, these mental attachments should burn in black flames of amaterasu...

:D you are right. recently my new method is: 1. you do a stupid thing 2. you feel imbarrased (ok if I can't avoid it I give it some seconds) 3. go on with what was the main idea of what I was doing (I just want to get the result, nobody was hurt or something so I can just go on)... If it comes to my mind after it happens it's harder to overcome, I just try either to convince myself it is not that bad or try to admit I am thinking about it and should think about something else. (Other people's bad experience also helps) Well maybe it is not useful in all situations and doesn't always work generally but in small things it is really helpful.