All those things are so hard to understand. When I have to solve problems, I get the feeling that something heavy got stuck in my head. I imagine a huge, huge maze... While other people use their smarts to get it, I'm stuck at the very beginning. It's somehow funny if you don't think about it seriously: to be unable to pass the easiest things!

I feel like I'm being blocked, I can't focus etc. Teachers put me in the "average" category, I think, but it's just like they were expecting a sudden enlightenment from me.

I'm not good at playing games even if they're easy.

I'm not good at remembering things.

I'm not good at associating facts.

I just wonder why people keep encouraging me, this only makes me feel like I constantly disappoint them.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

i understand yr feeling "encouraging makes me feels disappoint them"..<br />
look..not every people have the same skills and same style..<br />
maybe u r good at something..that we dont know yet..<br />
<br />
you are a good person because you are responsible..meaning..can realize yr ability..<br />
unlike some arrogant people who think there are good..<br />
<br />
find your true talent is...