Uh, Yes. You Could Definitely Say That.

I have no common sense.. at all.... ill try to think of examples... lol umm idk the last really stupid thing I did was a couple months ago... Me and my friends were at this place and theres this gas station within walking distance of it.. Well, some kid comes up and asks my friend to buy cigs for him... so he said ok and like 7 of us walked over....... theres this sports bar in between the two places and on the way back there were these two like pretty large guys standing outside of it smoking.. they were like in their mid 30's and it was extremely obvious they were drunk... anyways, we pass them and after we do one of the guys yells to my friend and tells him to pull his ******* pants up so i gave him the finger and kept walking... when we got back to the place there was a diff group of kids that wanted cigs too so we had to walk back over..... we pass the guys again and they didnt say anything to our faces but right after we passed them they started talking **** about us... i tried to ignore it but they were ******* me off and when we were getting ready to turn the corner to go into the gas station i stop and I'm like.. "YOU GOT A PROBLEM??" the loud mouthed one said "YEA, WITH YOUR LITTLE *** FRIENDS" i was like "SHUT THE **** UP AND MIND YOUR OWN ******* BUSINESS AND IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT DONT BE A *****, SAY IT TO OUR FACES" by this time i had gotten a little closer to them... still a few hundred ft from each other though.... He then proceeded to say **** YOU and called me a *****...  i ******* lost ittt I started walking towards them all cocky and **** like I was gonna fight them and I was like "OH, I'M A *****?" keep in mind these guys are like a foot taller than me and at least 100 lbs heavier... thats when thank god my friend grabbed me and was like "ASHLEY. no. dont, its not worth it.. lol **** idk what i woulda done if i had actually gotten over to them... did i really think i could fight them? dude id be destroyed, im such a retard... xD hmm the other recent thing was me and my two guy friends were in my car, i was in the passenger seat and we were on the express way.... we had just gotten pulled over for goin 90 i think and they had pot on them and my friend said he was gonna hide it somewhere i was like WTF AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ITS MINE???? but whatever the cop didnt catch on at all lol anyways were back on the freeway and i look over to my right at this red car and see these cute guys... prob somewhere in their 20's............ and then I saw them.  gummy. *******. worms. THEY WERE EATING GUMMY WORMS.  so I told my friend driving to keep next to them.... rolled down my window, stick my head out the car and start yelling at them asking if i could have a gummy worm... lolol it took them a minute but then they rolled down their window and maneuvered the car close to us and he handed off the gummy worm to me.... mind you while we were going like 70 mph.... DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO CATCH/ HOLD ON TO A GUMMY WORM AT 70 MPH???? pretty ****** difficult, lemme tell you... but yea... the mission was a success.. i got my gummy worm... that made my day..... it was ****** before that because we just got really bad/ depressing news.... but yea im done telling stories now my eyes are getting sleepy... thanks for reading =P

Debunkifyme Debunkifyme
18-21, F
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wow..you are a brave woman...