Betrayal of Character

I work for a government employment agency for young underprivilaged adults. I was dating the staff psychologist (who is not an employee, but a consultant) there. We were talking one night about a way to improve the behavior in our students and we came up with a wonderful plan. I admit that it was my idea and I was basically "pitching" it to him. He said that he thought it was a wonderful idea and was going to take it to the director for consideration. I typed up the proposal, which was somewhat complicated and far-reaching. I sent it to him via email. He basically gave the printed out copy to the director. The director read it and loved it. He then sent an email to all employees asking them for feedback on his wonderful proposal. This was my proposal and he took credit for it. I am furious and I feel betrayed by him. To make it worse, we broke up right after I submitted this proposal. I feel hurt, rejected, ignored by management and over run. I never thought I would be the subject of someone else taking credit for my work. I know I should not be so upset about it, but I am! Any advice?? Thanks!

ghow317 ghow317
Feb 11, 2009