I Think It Because.....

......i tend to take everything that is said to me really seriously, and this is because i was bullied alot in school, so now even if i know someone is just mucking around, i will take it seriously and it will upset me rather alot. i'm always told i cant take a joke, but the thing is, when im the joke, i never will take it as a joke.
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2007

take grain of salt in what you hear and sugar in what you beleive in

I wasn't bullied but i do get my feelings hurt easily. sometimes I'm told I can't take a joke either but that's when I'm not really in the mood for joking. All my life I was talked down to by my brothers and sisters and as i got older I was talked to like that by a guy I was with but I always acted so strong even though my feelings were really hurt. It lowered my self esteem. Now the guy I'm with when we get in an argument over something stupid and he starts with the you act like your stupid or things like that I cry. don't misjudge him though he's a great guy and he doesn't say stuff like that all the time but you know how things are when your arguing sometimes you say things you don't really mean he always apologizes later but I'm just so damn sensitive these days.