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From MistressRoxy's story and some thinking, I've come to the conclusion that I know what this is about [for me]. It does depend on the person and how I feel about them. I will be dominating over people whom I don't fully trust or who are just not so strong in themselves. By being dominating you are in control of almost everything, you're the conductor of the orchestra. Now on the other end of the spectrum...submissiveness. This must be when you really like and trust the person. They make you vulnerable and willing to give up and in to everything. But it also depends on the person, you cannot 'submit' to someone without a backbone. You have to truly love someone to be like that. You're letting go of the steering wheel and saying "it's all yours". A worrying situation so it's a privilege to the person...

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I submitted everything to my ex-girl. She controls me as a sissy. She has her name on all of my accounts and I dont own anything unless she lets me.

Yep....and variety is fun...