Only By The Right One.

The right man could dominate me. I may be submissive, but far from stupid. I know what I want, need, and how to get it. Are you dominate enough to get my submission? If not, I'll eat you for breakfast lol. 
nixxdreams nixxdreams
22-25, F
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I will meet all your needs, wishes & desires and have you begging for more.<br />
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From 7112192A

Hi nixxdreams, <br />
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I know I'm the right Master for you, if you are truly smart mail me --<br />
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onbekend22 at gmail dot com<br />
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I'll take care of you. I'll embrace you.

I agree with you, it takes the right man to be a good dominant and the problem is that there seem to be few around. I think that men have by and large been conditioned away from exerting their natural male tendencies of domination od women and they've no role models, just look at tv, all the doofus dads, what's a young boy or girl going to think?<br />
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Good luck Sweetie, I hope you find him.

Hey Hi there,<br />
I love beautifull inteligent submissive woman.....There can be very boring moments if no beauty and inteligence ....Show me how to speak and spell good English. Could you , do yo know how to spell, and pronounce.. ore you just ordinary red nek chick that just blah ,blah.