A Bit Of Both Worlds

I have always viewed myself as submissive in most matters of a sexual nature, finding it difficult to be the alpha male taking the lead in relationships with the opposite sex. Strange in a way, as I have never had any such inhibitions or displayed submissive characteristics in other areas of my life.

Perhaps this is what lead me to seek out a Mistress to explore the sub/domme scene and, after many false starts, I have been fortunate in finding a female dominant who has opened up this wonderful World to me - so full of sensuality and excitement.

Having now embarked upon a new relationship, involving a fellow crossdresser, I find myself, perhaps for the first time, wishing to adopt both roles, i.e the dominant and the submissive, neither to excess I should add!

We both set off as 'bi-curious' and now have a wonderfully exciting physical relationship as well as close friendship. Bothof us, however, like to be perceived, at alternating times, as the 'woman' , being dressed sexily for the other and giving oral and receiving anal pleasure. Equally the reverse applies, with a switching of the roles. We are both dressed, we are both male, yet we like to view each other as female, enjoying our 'transformation' for each other.

I am as happy 'taking the lead' with her now as I am to submitting to whatever turns her on. This is a new found confidence for me, brought on by her sensitivity, experience and sexuality. Perhaps, as has been suggested to me recently, we are able to broaden our sexual horizons more comfortably as we get older? 'Answers on a postcard...' please.!
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Aug 4, 2010