After reading this I invite you too see for yourself why I'm feeling like I do.  I've got some buddys and I kind of let a couple of them know I might like to get humiliated. I had thought about it a few times but had never tried anything. At first one of the guys started reffering to me as F*CKFACE!  a few of the guys laffed a little and I didn't respond. We got to drinking and they loosened up and more of them started calling me F*CKFACE talking about what a loser I am. They took some sharpie marker pens and said they wanted to "fix me up" They took turns writing verious stuff on my face. They wouldn't let me see what they had written. I live a in building with indoor hallways that lead to the front door of each unit. They told me  they would each pitch in a few bucks if I leave my place walk to the corner market and buy a candy bar. I wasn't sure how I looked. But I decided to have some fun and go along with it. I left my apartment unsure of how I looked. As soon as I closed the door behind me I regretted it. I thought these are my neighbors who knows how I might look to them and I didn't need rumors & gossip. I tried to go back but the door was locked. I decided just to get it over with. I made it down the hall. Then downstairs. When I walked out the front door and on to the street I got real scared. There was nobody on the side walk as I walked down it. A car went buy & these guys and a girl started laffing hysterically. I ran accross the street and down the block to the market. I bent down in the candy isle and this kid starts laffing. Went to the counter to pay and the regular clerk he just stared with his eyes real wide. When I walked out of the store some people were walking by so I turned real quick and saw my reflection in the store window. They had written A*SWIPE along my chin HOMO on my cheek LOSER on the other they had turned my nose into a HUGE P*NIS the way they drew it  very detailed and in inch high letters they had written accross my fore head  F*CKFACE. It wouldn't rub off & I didn't want to hang around trying to get it clean. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I could I ran back accross the street and as I got to the side walk a car went by and I heard male voices yelling out F*CKFACE. I got to the door of my building and went inside as I went down the hall a door opened and the tennet stepped out. It happened so fast and there I was face to face with my neighbor I quickly turned and walked away as fast as I could. I raced upstairs and as I got to the top someone was comming down. When he saw me he let out a huge laugh. I quickly turned and raced down the stairs. He kept laffing and yelling " Hey come back!" when I got downstairs I had to pass the first guy who was loudly laffing as well. I finally got back to the other end of the stairs and climbed up. My heart was racing. I got to my door I tried to open it. It was locked. I pounded on the door. No answer. Another door was opening down the hall. I banged on the door some more and waited finally they unlocked the door and I hurried in. They asked if I got the candy bar. I handed it to them and they laffed. I said I wanted the money and they just laffed and said it just shows how stupid I was to believe them and they called me an idiot. They had taken some pictures of me on their phones and said they would e-mail them to my family and job if I didn't continue to do what they asked me to do. What a LOSER they said about me. And told anybody who knows me that my new name is F*CKFACE and to feel free using it. Then I told them I wanted this off my face rite now. That I was not amused. I don't know why but I let them talk me into stripping and getting in the bathtub. Since they had been drinking alot of beer. I found myself on my hands and knees while they p*ssed on my face saying they would help me wash it off. I felt the warm p*ss splashing off my face and running down my chest and stomach. They laffed because hardly anything came off. I thought it was kind of a fun thing to TRY. But it has changed our relationship and how they veiw me. They just can't forget it and I can't seem to live it down. I never thought they were taking pictures and video on their phones. They said if I didn't want my family or job to see it or see it on the internet than I have to continue to do what they say. I'm scared and I really get treated like a low life. Now it's on the internet. If you want to see why I was so HUMILIATED just go to my profile pictures or video and see for yourself. All I ask is that you tell me would you be EMBARRASSED if people saw you looking like I do?????? I welcome your comments!
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umm I don't really know what to say, but the fact that you are scared makes me sad....I don't think its fair that people are treated that right. Hope you are ok