A Dream Realised...

It's finally happened. When M first came into my life, I revealed my desire and need to be submissive. To yield to a master who'll protect and nurture me. M is just that: he is my Dominus. He's brought forth aspects of myself that I've long kept hidden, finally finding the courage within me to reveal them to him.

Unlike other Dom/sub relationships, M is more enlightened. He takes the lead in our relationship, always intent on nurturing, protecting, encouraging, building me to my greatest potential. There is no pain, humiliation or forced subjugation. I am not his slave but he does 'own' me. We are on par in so many ways; intelligent, working to be financially sound, love of family, job, arts and culture... we are open to the world around us and are keen to explore it together. But in our private time and private space - I acquiesce all to him. I trust him with all of me cause I know in that surrender, obedience has its rewards.

There's a milestone coming - exact date not known yet. I will share when it does (no, nothing matrimonial yet). It will be a momentous step for me, and our relationship.
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2010

You have a wonderful relationship! You are fortunate to have matched with such a loving and caring M. I wish you all the pleasures you both deserve!

I wish you all the best, good luck to you!

Thanks wickey!! I do so hope it will be.