Gay Man Who Loves Being Dominated

I"m a gay man who loves being dominated, controlled, humiliated, ****** and abused by a master. He can make me do any filthy thing he wants and I will gladly do it. It gives me such a rush to suffer for him and to serve him sexually!
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5 Responses Jan 3, 2012

Good girl I love having ******* like u suck my ****

I would love to be a slave dressed up like a sissy and forced to do everything filthy. Treated like a dirty **** and satisfy any **** put in front of me and when there finished with me they cover me in *** and ****. My biggest fantisy is to be dominated by 10 men with big ***** and they use me as a sex toys while i wear a sexy outfit and when there done im left covered in *** with a gapping *** hole

I'm a gay/bi gurl who likes her women to dominate her. But not men. Odd?

id love to be abused and used by a woman that wants to abuse a transvestite guy id do anything that she ordered me to do, anything!

You're not alone! Isn't it great to have this nice that allows non-dominant and non-penetrating guys like us to have amazing sex lives?<br />
<br />
Being gay just makes it better :D My **** is nothing but something for my partner to grab during sex, but oh god is my boy ***** ever useful for my partner and me! Poor straight submissive guys don't even get the pleasure of being mounted and ******.