Dominated By Ex Lovers

My hubby took me to his friends birthday party where I saw 2 of my ex lovers. I've only had 3 ex lovers before I met my husband. My hubby thought it'd be fun to try and get them to be jealous by being very touchy with me. My hubby talks me into going upstairs into an open bedroom so we can **** real quick. I was on my knees blowing my hubby when my 2 ex boyfriends Tony and David walk in. I didn't know this at the time, but my hubby had motioned for them to follow us before he went up. I felt so embarrassed being caught, and it just had to be them of all people. Tony told me I didn't have to stop cause of them since he's seen me suck **** before. I knew my hubby wanted to share me with them, but it didn't feel right to me with them there. When I tried telling him this was the one ******** I couldn't consent to, both Tony and David couldn't believe they just heard me say I've been in other ********* before. My hubby tells them about how wild I am now, and how he shares me with his close friends and I enjoy it. He said they can bang me too if they want so they began to take off their pants. I told my hubby I'll only do it if he really wants me to, which he did. My hubby told them of how I didn't want to do it, but I'll do it for him. As they stood with their ***** hanging out, I slowly got on my knees and started with my hubby. Once I started blowing Tony, he just grabbed my head and abused me. He told me he would've never imagined I was into *********. David also abused my mouth with his ****, making me gag. My husband had me go on all fours on the bed and climbed behind me. Tony and David were slapping my face with their ***** while my hubby ****** me. Tony asked if he'd be able to **** my *** and David wanted to also since it was off limits to them when I was with them. My hubby then lays on bottom of me and puts his **** into my ***** and tells them theres no limit. David went behind first and shoved his **** in my ***. I squirmed a bit, but my hubby held me in place, while Tony pounded my mouth. David was really enjoying what he never got, punishing me for never giving it to him before. After David had his fun, he switches spots with Tony and shoves his **** in my mouth even though it was just in my ***. Tony also punished my *** while David was gagging me with his ****. My hubby told them they gotta *** in my mouth or on my face, so Tony hoped off and stood over my face. My hubby gets out from under me also and points his **** at my face while David's shoving his **** in my mouth. David cummed in my mouth first and had me swallow every drop of it, and right when he takes out his ****, Tony shoves his in and **** in my mouth. My hubby **** all over my face while I swallow Tony's load. Tony and David just put on their clothes and head back down to the party without saying another word to me.
Jennyxoxo Jennyxoxo
26-30, F
4 Responses May 6, 2012

did David n Tony dump u b4? cuz if u the 1 that dumped them i bet they realy luvved having a chance 2 finaly get back at u lol

Honey just enjoy the sex because it seems your husbands wants you to be his **** so many other men will do the same to you in the future

very hot. made me very hard. i would do anything for my wife and let her have as much sex as she wants but she won;t humiliate me like i crave.

nice, so you obeyed like the **** hungry **** you can be.....very nice