Training Day

Another text conversation while working between Flight and I.

Flight- I want to choke you until you give up. When I release you gasp that you love me, that you belong to me. That you are my ***** and you'll do whatever I want. You exist to please me. I flip you over and cover your mouth. you moan into my hand as I swat your ****, **** head tickling your ******* You wince less and less with each smack on your ****. Soon your cries turn into moans You rock your hips back to meet my hand with each hit, your **** swollen and your ***** dripping. One final swat on your *** and you scream, my **** plunges into your tight *** roughly. You shouldn't have screamed.. Watch you struggle to hold your own bladder while you, ashamed, finger your own *******, forced to ignore your ****. Warm **** streams over your body, covering your ****, hair, and neck. I grab your jaw and direct my stream into your mouth, allowing you to let it spill out, running down your body and washing over your ****. You shake, your **** is so sensitive from the beating then ignored, you nearly ***. When I begin to stop I thrust my growing **** into your mouth for cleaning, allowing you to keep the last few drops. Your *** relaxes on your finger and the shame is washed away, replaced with the pride of knowing you did a good job and won't get beaten. It doesn't last long, you know are a dirty **** ***** and that you will deserve it soon. You try to clear your head but I do it for you, gagging you with my now rock hard **** Your finger working in and out of your ******* behind putting an immense amount of pressure on your bladder. I shove my **** down your throat again and a small amount of pee leaks out into the floor. You desperately hope I didn't hear it but before you could finish your thought the back of my hand connects with your cheek, sending you on all fours and ******* your fingers roughly out of your ***. I grab your hair and growl "i didn't tell you to **** *****! Now clean up your mess!" I grab your hair and shove your head onto the floor, *** in the air. Your cheek touches the still warm, wet floor, a mixture of our liquid. You are humiliated, ashamed. Even more so by the sound of a camera flash just as you begin to lick and suck the mixture. A swat on your *** stings as you struggle to hold your bladder. I slowly enter you from behind, filling your now loosened *******. A few thrusts and I command, "you **** now, *****". You are humiliated as the **** begins to flow running down your leg the feelings of being used, depraved, beaten, submitted and turned into a filthy **** ***** are overwhelmed by the relief of letting go. You are so happy and terrified as I crash into your ******* you crumble into a weeping ******

Ivy- the ****** over takes me. i want to let myself go limp to the floor but i know the actions that will follow if i displease you i struggle to keep myself up. shacky. overwhelmed. i try to push myself up, your grip on my hair tightens. you move yourself to my front side, *** still in the ai. i hear a loud smack then i feel the sting of you smacking my ****. i scream out. you shove your hard **** in my mouth to muffle the cry. tears now mix with the mixture on the floor you lean down, **** still in my mouth and whisper, "dont move or it will be worse next time." i nod showing i understand

Flight- I throat **** you for what seems like hours, while you struggle not to vomit or pass out, fighting tears. My hand swats your back and *** repeatedly my pace slows, my strong hand stroking your matted hair. Soon, my **** leaves your throat, allowing you to relax. You stretch your legs and stop crying. Proud you survived, yet happier you pleased me than the torture ending. You purr on my **** as I reach down and gently stroke your bruised ****, dipping a finger and offering it to your lips. You suck briefly before hungrily returning to my ****. You sense I'm getting close and squeeze my balls with one small hand, instinctively dropping the other down to your *****. Crack! My **** is hastily removed just before a hand strikes your face before you can figure out what you did it returns striking the other cheek. "who told you you could touch yourself *****!?"" You want to play with yourself? Fine!" I push you onto your back, tying your hand to your *****. I swat your **** and descend upon you. You open your mouth for my **** but it lands on your forehead. You can't breathe, my ******* mashed over your mouth. " clean my dirty *** *****. Get it real clean"

Ivy- clean the best i can, struggling to breath. i can feel myself starting to fade. you lift up, somehow knowing. you slap my cheek, it seemed harder than before. you sit back down, "its not clean *****!" trying so hard im not doing to well, i know punishment is coming

Flight- I lift up again, another breath, "stock out your tongue *** *****! Tongue **** my *** until I stop you, you hungry *** *****! Extending your tongue I lower again, bobbing up and down. I lift up and **** a little on your open tongue then lower again plunging your tongue deep. Soon the tangy taste of *** and **** take over you and I notice your fingers deep inside your *****, one slipped easily into your ***. I lift up, "please, more sir" your fingers quicken their pace as I begin to lower again, tongue out as far as possible eyes closed... But leave. You open your eyes and look around, your hands go limp. i open the door, bamboo in hand. I blindfold you and jerk you to your feet. You plead, blubbering "please not that I've been a good *****!" I say nothing and stuff your dirty panties into your mouth and then your gag. You fight tears against your gag. I hook your hands to the above your head and tie your legs to the spreader bar, max width You can barely touch, almost dangling. Your skin crawls, anticipating what is to come edge of your nipples. You struggle for only a moment, before lowering your head and moaning as the pain melts into pleasure.

Ivy- bring my head up, scared where the next lashing is going to strike next. smack across both *** cheeks. i scream through my gag and panties. twice more the bamboo hit my ***. tears stream down, no scream this time. grabbing a hand full of hair, you jerk my head so my ear meets you lips. "just because your hands are at your *****, doesn't mean you can touch" you say calmly with a tug on my hair. "i never gave you permission to please yourself. i said the next time you displease me, you would regret it. hope it was worth i." with a smurk on your face. "now where were we" i start cry at the thought of the bamboo against my flesh. crack. across my thighs. next my breasts. not just one hit, three each. my screams become silent, i couldn't force another out. you reach down between my legs, I'm soaked.

Flight- "little ***** likes bamboo almost as much as my dirty *******!" You whimper an admission and hang your head in shame. I lean in, our cheeks brush and I whisper in your ear "don't worry, its not your fault you are a filthy *****, you can't help it. The good news is, I'm here to take care of you. Teach you what you want. The first lesson is counting." You don't understand but moments later a hard crack of the stick brings forth a whimper. "one!" I almost scream. "but you came twice?" Crack! Another blow instantly welts on your thigh. "two" I say "see how this works?" You eagerly nod fearing disobedience. I remove the panties from your mouth and replace the gag. " how many toes does a ***** have?" A blow lands on an ankle, "one" you manage to sputter from behind your gag. Another on the other side, you wince, tears begging to run down the trail of makeup on your face. I continue alternating up your legs, each swat harder than the last until you manage to reach ten drool runs down your face and you relax on the restraints above your head, dangling to rest your legs. You aren't sure when, but you are certain you came around 7 or 8. I unhook your wrists and you slump to the floor, legs still spread wide by the bar. I remove your blind and you look up at my naked body, eyes hovering on my erect ****.

Ivy- i long for. i want to reach up and touch it, afraid of what might happen if i do it without asking. "master, have i pleased you? can i please you more?" "crawl to me" you say. i crawl. its hard with my legs spread that far. just as im about to reach your hard member i stop. the bar attached to my feet is chained to the floor. you are just out of reach. "please sir, please!" frantic, begging as tear start to fill my eyes your put your hand on my face, "soon, I'm not done with you yet"

Flight- I place the bamboo rod in your mouth. "bite down." I command."this switch brought you so much pain, lets how much pleasure it gives a *****. I tie your hands together and walk behind you sinking two fingers easily into your dropping ****. It grabs my hand pulling me deeper and holding. I slide them away and rub your juice on your lips and face. "see how wet you get? Your body might hurt but your ***** is begging for more." I tie your hair to the spreader bar so you are looking straight up. The rope slides into your crack pressing against your ******* and you drop the bamboo. I walk over replacing your gag and pick up the bamboo. "see I knew you wanted more". I turd shamefully admit to yourself you wish you could stick your tongue out to taste. I drag you back up to all fours and strike the other arm and you fall The third time you quake but remain up. "good job *** **** but I didn't hear any counting." Three hard strikes to your heavy, hanging breasts, counting each and you silently begin to weep again. I take out your gag and lower my balls into your gaping mouth. Our eyes meet and for a moment your tears stop. Your tongue swirls around my little gift I offer you. You are changed. You realize you now see my ****, beatings and abuse as a gift. Tears of joy begin welling up in your eyes. You are truly thankful to be mine.

Ivy- i am thankful to be yours, always wanting to be yours. never leaving your side. to always be your dirty little *****. my body aches from the lashings of the bamboo. but I'm greatful. "i have to ****, *****. open your mouth" i do it without hesitation. i want it. to feel it run down my face and chin. I'm your ***** i think to myself. its warm as you release on me. you push my face to the floor, your flow never stopping. i lick frantically at the puddle forming. "glad you're so eager to have my **** on you with a smile on your face. i look up, "can i have your **** sir?" pulling me up by my hair you tell me to get you hard, i do. doesn't take much effort. i lick the head swirl my tongue around you. you're enjoying it. you let out a slight moan.

Flight- i stroke your hair as I untie your bonds, massaging your thighs as I release the bar gently caress your wrists. You are surprised I'm capable of such gentle touch after the brutal beating. I help you to your feet and lay you down in a warm bath. The warm water envelops you and I climb on top. My lips brush yours as I show your hands to my ****.you hold me and squeeze as my mouth parts and our tongues dance. I cradle your head as you purr. I slowly enter your rejuvenated *****, you gasp. "you cannot struggle anymore. I don't need to restrain you anymore do I?" "no sir" you moan into my mouth as the water begins to rock back and forth with my thrusts. You can feel me getting close but the thought of wasting your master's seed in your ***** seems wrong...

Ivy- i squeeze my ***** one last time. nudging you off. "lay down master" you do. i slowly stroke your hardon, squeezing the tip once i hit the top. i take you into my mouth sucking my way down your shaft. all the way top the base. you hold my head there for a second as you sink further into the warm water. ive never wanted you so bad, i suck faster, harder. your moans get more intense. i run my nails down your chest, leaving red trails. cupping your seeds, pulling on them, you release your floor into me. the warm *** slides down my throat. i dont stop sucking, i overwhelmed with happiness to see my master pleased, in extasy. one last gentle suck as i come off you. i kiss my way up your chest until our lips meet...

FlightandIvy FlightandIvy
May 17, 2012