I Love Being Dominated!

My wife is the dominant one in our relationship. I love it! I know I have a tiny penis. It is three inches erect and around one inch limp. (see photos for proof) I have never satisfied my wife with it. She says our pup has a larger **** than I do and he is only a poodle. I am comfortable with the fact I am small but I do like being teased and humiliated about it. My wife has me wear panties all the time because I can't wear "men's" underwear. I am not a man. On weekends and any days off at home I wear a cb6000s. (also in photos) It is too big for me even though the "s" means it was made for smaller men. I do most of the housework and cook and do the dishes because I am not the man of the house. She is definitely the head of the household. It seems like I work much harder when she teases and humiliates me. I have a couple fantasies that involve humiliation. One my wife has started moving towards. We do a lot with my wife's sister. She is a few years younger than my wife and married. She has complained in the past in a joking manner about her husbands small penis. I don't think she knows what small really is. My wife has begun hinting about how small I am. My fantasy would be for my wife to eventually come right out and tell her how small I am. I am also hoping she will let her know she spanks me and makes me wear a chastity device. This last summer she told her that she is the head of the household and she was definitely able to see that through our actions. So the move to letting her know about the device and the spankings isn't too much more. When my sister-in-law was younger she used to flash her boobs to me quite often. My fantasy involves her getting curious once she hears I am wearing a device. I would love her to demand to see it, telling me that I must listen to her since she is a dominant female and I must obey all females. I would have to pull down my pants exposing my panties. Then, to her laughter, I would have to pull them down exposing my cb6000s. In my fantasy she would grab the lock and pull up my poor excuse for a penis so she could see it better. Then she would laugh again and say something humiliating. The best part of this fantasy is that I work with my sister-in-law almost every day. I would know she knows all about me and every time she would smile or pass by I would think she was imagining my little penis.
My second fantasy involves my wife loaning me out to one of her friends to clean house. She had a friend who was dumped by her boyfriend. She was rather angry at males. I fantasized my wife thought she might feel better if she was able to take it out on a male. I would be sent over to her house where she would meet me at the door with the order that I ***** down to my panties. Then I would clean her house while she relaxed. Every now and then she would say something humiliating to me. When I was done she would inspect the house. Of course she would find something wrong and then I would be bent over her lap where she would spank my bare bottom. It would be a very painful and lengthy spanking as she would take out her anger at her boyfriend on my bottom.
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teenieweenie2 teenieweenie2
51-55, M
Sep 24, 2012