I Have This Fantasy

I am in a big empty room sitting on a chair while my ankles are shackled to the floor. I am wearing my hair up,my most proper outfit,and my makeup is perfect. The man who is my master demands I play a piece for him with my violin.I am not allowed to speak.So I play a piece for him.As I do this,he is sitting at the other side of the room watching me play for him.When I finish,I set the violoin down on the floor and he walks across the room and stands right before me. Hre tells me to put my hands on my lap and NOT to move them.He undoes his pants and presents me with his **** to suck. I then submit to his will,doing EXACTLY as I am told.I serve my master with the best blow job I can keeping my hands on my lap.He **** in my mouth and he tells me to swallow it all.When he is finished with me,he blindfolds me and ties my hands behind my back and leaves me there until he is ready to take me at a later time,at his convenience. I love to be in the service of a man. It makes feel so ultra desired.
Brandigirl1000 Brandigirl1000
36-40, T
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

If you submitted to me I'd make sure you always dressed to the nines for your master.

thats right ***** hes in control and don't forget it.