Commanded To ***.

Sir and myself have decided that we are to begin training so I shall *** on His command.

The theory behind "commanded to ***" is for a word to be choosen and when said by Sir my body and mind will respond and I shall ****** without touching my body. Training is very similar to training an animal using word association in the same way you would teach a dog to sit...the action is made then a word is linked to this action.

The first step for me is when I ****** through ************ I must say our "choosen word" to start the process of word association.

Sir does infact own my ******* now. However I really want to submit to Sir and give Him what I feel is the ultimate in ****** control...

My Gift to you Sir.

HisHope HisHope
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Were you successful with this?

No success story I'm afraid...we are no longer together:(

I'm sorry for you... I know how losses can be :(

I really hope training goes well. I can imagine how hard that must be to do. I still struggle with asking for permission. I haven't figured out how to suppress it. Good luck! Keep us posted.