Dominating Sex Slave

I want someone to tell me what to do and how to do it. I want to give someone a blow job going down the road not knowing where we are going and having cars pass by us. Trying to get my head up he pushes my head down and tells me to keep sucking ***** until I tell you to stop. When we get to where we are going he milks his **** for pre *** and tells me to lick it and when my tongue is almost there he grabs my hair and pulls my head away from his ****. He does this a couple of times. Then he starts to play with my ***** until I almost ****** and he stops and says no not yet. My ***** gets wetter and wetter until I cant take it and *** all over his fingers. He then slides his **** inside of me. going slower and deeper and slower and deeper. He then tells me to get on top of him and ride his ****. I get on top and slide his **** inside deep and grind his **** all the way inside. I stop and he says did I tell you to stop keep going until I ***. I wanted to *** so bad but I knew he would not like that. I bit my lip trying not to ***. it felt so good though. I came and came I couldn't wait no more. He got made and told me to lay on my stomach while he ties me up. He then shoves his **** inside of me hard and says that is what you get for being so bad
dominatingslave dominatingslave
Jan 21, 2013