Male Dom Looking For A Female Sub Over 18 For An Online Relationship

I would be interested in an online domestic discipline relationhip with a woman over 18.
No camming or Skype is necessary.

My philosophy of the dominant submissive relationship is that the dom should always have the best interests of the sub at heart. I believe the dom is the dom, because he is taking care of the sub.

Therefore, I like to take some issues that the sub has, that she wishes to work on, for example, not studying hard enough, not exercising, and use discipline to try and get her to improve her behavior. It can also be used to get her to feel better if she is being punished for something she feels guilty about.

I like the sub to tell me what types of punishments will get her to improve, or assuage her guilt. We will then chat, and assign punishments, accordingly.

Not everyone does domination, and submission in the same way. If you wish to do it a different way, please let me know, and we can do it that way.

I know I don’t sound that dominant from my email, but people need to want the same things, and have the same expectations, or it won’t work.

If interested, please email me at


peterblack82 peterblack82
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013